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Tatiana Maslany and the women of OB praising each other in the media
↳ I am so proud of all you did this year Tat. I miss & love you!! Your little monkey, Skylee



"I know Mrs. S is quite tough. She secretly has a yearning for her own craft room, so she’d like to hang out with Alison and wrap things."


Clone luncheons, punk rock, and two-clone scenes… all your burning orphanblack questions, answered. It’s an all-new #AskOB with the lovely Maria Doyle Kennedy! (x)

Happy birthday, Maria! #CloneClub is lucky to have you.

Happy Birthday, Maria Doyle Kennedy!

For those of you not on twitter, here is MDK’s response to the Birthday Video. It was amazing to put it together and feel the love, and we couldn’t be prouder! Thank you all so much - you’re brilliant! 
Again, feel free to tweet Maria and spread the birthday love! 

Maria Doyle Kennedy’s 50th Birthday Video

An absolutely massive thank you to all those who contributed: marthalogan, swottysesquipedalian, valentinemichaelsmithkrissycupcake, narcissamalfoySamantha C, sanguinariaallthishashappened, alison-soccerbitch, neverlendbooks, misullin, aparadoxinflux, sarahdrunksongirlynerd42, alison-would-make-it-look-pink, Lucy, bethpitofdenial, Samantha I, and a stellar musical finale from rayraythegay. All of your contributions brought smiles to our faces, and we’re so excited for MDK to see it! Thank you again (we cannot say it enough) - this project would be nothing without you!
We’d also like to thank everyone who reblogged or liked the post and spread the word. If you missed the deadline, you can still tweet Maria to send your birthday wishes!