2014.04.18 Stars and cocreators of orphanblack doing a Q&A

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Greeted MDK with an ‘Oi Oi Mrs S!’

Also she called us chickens when we tweeted her


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Was lucky enough to be a part of the pre-screening of the Season 2 premiere of Orphan Black today. Evelyne was lovely enough to come early to meet with fans and she is every bit as enchanting and warm in person. Dat hair~~~ Maria and Jordan were also extremely sweet and eloquent and insightful during the discussion post-episode. Additionally, the co-creators were present and had a lot of interesting things to say about the show and the process!

woohoo so excited for the new season!

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Orphan Black cast members Jordan Gavaris, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Evelyne Brochu and co-creators John Fawcett and Graeme Manson on Entertainment Weekly Radio 4/18/2014.

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Jackie and I went to the OB Fan Screening!

Evelyne Brochu:
A glimpse of perfect blonde curls and everyone knew exactly who it was. I tried to get closer, and we made eye contact, but before I could get a picture, the OB crew asked everyone to reform the line assuring us that she would travel down to us. So Jackie and I went back to waiting. After about twenty minutes, she was passing out muffins and jello to the group ahead of us. Being taller than everyone else, we made eye contact, and she asked if I wanted a muffin, and I said, “Yes, please.” Cue Evelyne Brochu literally throwing a muffin at me. She made her way through the group graciously listening to each fan, signing everything (including muffin wrappers), and taking tons of photos - saying “Let’s do it!” after any request. In the mix of this, we made eye contact again, and as if to reassure me that she’s on her way, she gave me a wink. I was quite star struck when she finally got to Jackie and I. She signed our muffins, and we asked for pictures. As I was taking mine she asked if my hair colour was natural, and said it looked great and very natural. She was so incredibly charming and generous with her time and attention, and I had no idea what to say. Twitter friends saying we look alike. *blushes*

Maria Doyle Kennedy: A little history - Jackie and I met (and shot the shit nbd) MDK in NYC in February and it was magical. Such talent. Wow. For this trip we brought two gifts: a mix CD (we knew she likes Hozier and San Fermin, two of our favs, so we compiled some other tunes we thought she might enjoy) and gel pens (for writing new songs). After Evelyne came and went and the hours passed, we weren’t sure if we’d get to see MDK, so I sent her a tweet.  At around 6:20, two black escalades parked outside the theatre, and low and behold, she was the first to emerge with a fecking killer hair-do (Seriously, she was KILLING IT - shorter curled hair with turquoise streaks - KILLED IT. IT IS DEAD). Jordan and Evelyne exited after her, and the Clone Club went wild, but Jackie and I were already dead. Maria started signing a few things, then immediately went to take press photos. We were so nervous that we wouldn’t get to say hello, so we craned our necks in every which way to see if she had gone into the theatre. This is when Jackie noticed the shoes first - RUBY RED SEQUINS HEELS (We didn’t think it was possible, but she brought it back to life and KILLED IT AGAIN). As she made the way back into the crowd of fans, she glanced in our direction, made eye contact, waved, then turned the OB crewmember who was directing her somewhere, and pointed to us (Probably to say “Those are the MDK groupies”). She made her way down the line, signing and taking a few photos. When she was a group away from us, the OB crewmember accompanying her tried to get her to go take photos with the rest of the cast. Without turning back, Maria gestured with one finger, and said, “Hold on, I have to say hello to these girls.” *cue walking up to also and immediately embracing each of us in a hug and cheek kiss* “I have to go, but I wanted to come say hello!” We said it was lovely to see her again, and I immediately started fumbling with my purse trying to gather our gifts. “We have gifts for you!” As she backed away, she reassuringly said, “Oh, we can do that after and take pictures!” The people in front of us turned around and said, “That was super exclusive! What was that?” We briefly explained for previous encounter, while shaking from the cold and over excitement. 

Episode: OH MY EFFING GOD. (dat’s it)

Q&A: Jackie and I had front row seats (which weren’t that great for the episode, but it meant that the q&a happened just a few feet in front of us). Graeme, John, Evelyne, Maria and Jordan are all incredibly open, intelligent, eloquent people, and it was an honour and a blast to listen to their answers, and I could say the same for the Clone Club, too - such wonderful, thought-provoking questions. Here are some non-spoilery highlights:
- When all the actors sat down, they glanced over the audience and seemed a bit overwhelmed by the love and support. MDK’s eyes made it to the front row, and she instantly smiled and waved at us. 
- Jordan was talking about his process for season two when MDK piped up, ” Nice ass!” His response: “Ms. Kennedy, you saucy minx!”
- Everyone was quoting French. Evelyne: “Enchanté” MDK: “Ooh la la!”
- MDK was asked about the development of Mrs. S and Sarah’s relationship in season two and she said that we’d get to see more of it. She and Tatiana realised that Mrs. S and Sarah are very similar (stubborn, strong moral compasses) and we’ll see them butt heads.
- One fan asked about the three main clones: “Street, Science, and Suburbia. Evelyne: And you’ve got the fourth ‘S’ is right here!” *gestures to MDK*
- MDK: “Alison made me want to have a crafts room in my house.”
- At one point, MDK leaned over to Jordan was she was adjusting the buttons on her jacket and mentioned something about her corset (Reviving and killing it again). 
- Someone thanked the co creators and actors for representing complex queer characters (amen!), and everyone was beaming with pride. 
-The moderator said there was only enough time for two more questions, when MDK intervened, and said, “Oh, come on, we’ve got to fit in everyone who’s sitting on the stairs.” So two became eight. 

Post Q&A: As soon as the moderator announced that the event was over, MDK walked straight to Jackie and I, and quickly said, “They said we have to go, but you said you have something for me?” “Yes..” I fumbled in my purse. “Is it from the show?” she asked. Jackie piped in, “No, actually, we know you like Hozier and San Fermin, so we made you a mix CD.” She looked surprised and grateful, and heartfeltly said, “That is one of the sweetest things - to take the time to make a mixtape.” And then I handed her the pens, saying, “And we know you’re writing for your next album, so we thought these pens might help!” She thanked us again for being so sweet, gave us each another hug and kiss on the cheek, told us she’d see us again soon, and slipped away. Before she left, the girl sitting next to us, stopped her and said, “I just have to say this, you’re so beautiful.” Agreed. Inside and out. 
It was such an incredible evening over all - seeing how supportive and loving Clone Club is of the show and of each other (Shout out to (the other) Jackie, who is starting an After OB Show). MDK’s sweet gestures of acknowledgement were so special. It’s an honour to be her fan and a fan of Orphan Black.
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Évelyne Brochu, Graeme Manson, Jordan Gavaris, Maria Doyle Kennedy and John Fawcett attend the ‘Orphan Black’ premiere at Sunshine Cinema on April 17, 2014

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