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Siobhan Sadler + Guns
"I was on Guns for Funds…"


Orphan Black Cast

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make me choose

ourgraciousqueen said: Katherine Of Aragon or Jane Seymour

If anybody writes, if they write songs or they write stories or something, it’s always much easier to write the dark ones, isn’t it? The sad ones. And I think it’s because when you’re sad or you’re feeling dark or you’re internalizing, you’re quiet and you’re still and you have time to write. And when you’re in great form, well you’re probably down the road at the pub, aren’t you? So you’re not writing it down in a song. So it’s always easier for the dark ones to come out. So you have to make more of an effort to remember or to record your joy, I think. - Maria Doyle Kennedy [x][x]

Tell her that she hasn’t seen her daughter in almost a year and I think it’s best if it stays like that.

Anonymous asked: Can I ask you where did that pic come from, why we havent seen it before?

We found the picture here. Pictures from the season one promotional shoot have been popping up every once in awhile (we’ve seen maslanystan post some lovely ones of punk!Sarah), but this one definitely looks like an outtake. Can’t complain - the more punk!family, the better!